Hello. Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you!

Hello, I’m Erin Black-Kurtz and welcome to Animal Monster Robot. As the name implies, I love illustrating animals, monsters and robots. But, I draw people too ;). I use my characters to explore the human condition with a childlike sense of optimism and openness. Or, at the very least, I try to make myself smile. Sometimes that's all we need, right?

I also maintain a fine art practice in which I explore other subject matter; often landscapes and abstract forms of color and rhythm. You'll see those for sale on here from time to time.

You can find a larger body of work on my portfolio website.

A Little Backstory

After a long career as a designer, director and strategist working with companies like National Geographic, Nike, FedEx and Burt's Bees, I began to feel like I had lost my creative identity. I spent so many years making things in the service of business, I forgot what it was like to make for myself. I wanted to reconnect with the act of creating simply for the joy of it.

In 2014, I began to invest time in my love of drawing and painting. Eventually, I decided to rent a little art studio to practice with more intent; mornings, evenings, weekends…whenever I could fit it in. In the summer of 2019, I created Animal Monster Robot as a more determined way to share my art and illustration with others. 

Thanks for stopping by and learning a little about what I’m up to. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact me through the contact form.


Erin Black-Kurtz